Bachelor's degree Biomedical Sciences


Academic profile: Doctorate


Teaching Course Subject
Master's Degree in Biomedical Research 1 MODEL ORGANISMS IN BIOMEDICINE
Degree in Biomedical Sciences 1 HUMAN ANATOMY
Degree in Medicine 6 BACHELOR'S THESIS


Research profile: Neurobiologia Evolutiva i del Desenvolupament (Evolutionary and Developmental Neurobiology)
Thesis Year Direction
Regionalización del telencéfalo de pollo en base a la expresión de genes durante el desarrollo 2009 Loreta M. Medina Hernandez
Publications Year Authors Type
Evolution of pallial areas and networks involved in sociality: comparison between mammals and sauropsids 2019 Medina L; Abellán A; Desfilis E. Article d'investigació
Expression of regulatory genes in the embryonic brain of a lizard and implications for understanding pallial organization and evolution 2018 Desfilis E, Abellán A, Sentandreu V, Medina L. Article d'investigació
Contribution of Genoarchitecture to Understanding Hippocampal Evolution and Development. 2017 Medina L; Abellan A; Desfilis E Article d'investigació
Genoarchitecture of the Extended amygdala in zebra finch, and expression of FoxP2 in cell corridors of different genetic profile 2017 Vicario A; Mendoza E; Abellán A; Scharff C; Medina L Article d'investigació
The Amygdala 2016 Medina L; Abellán A; Vicario A; Castro-Robles B; Desfilis E Capítol de llibre d'investigació
Embryonic Origin of the Islet1 and Pax6 neurons of the chicken central extended amygdala using cell migration assays and relation to different neuropeptide-containing cells 2015 Vicario A; Abellán A; Medina L Article d'investigació
Dynamic Expression of tyrosine hydroxylase mRNA and protein in neurons of the striatum and amygdala of mice, and experimental evidence of their multiple embryonic origin 2014 Bupesh M; Vicario A; Abellán A; Desfilis E; Medina L Article d'investigació
Evolutionary and Developmental contributions for understanding the organization of the basal ganglia 2014 Medina, L; Abellán, A; Vicario, A; Desfilis, E Article d'investigació
Combinatorial expression of Lef1, Lhx2, Lhx5, Lhx9, Lmo3, Lmo4, and Prox1 helps to identify comparable subdivisions in the developing hippocampal formation of mouse and chicken 2014 Abellan A, Desfilis E, Medina L. Article d'investigació
Genetic identification of the central nucleus and other components of the central extended amygdala in chicken during development 2014 Vicario A, Abellán A, Desfilis E, Medina L. Article d'investigació
A never-ending search for the evolutionary origin of the neocortex: rethinking the homology concept 2013 Medina L; Abellán A; Desfilis E Article d'investigació
The olfactory amygdala in amniotes: an evo-devo approach 2013 Abellán A, Desfilis E, Medina L. Review
Contribution of Genoarchitecture to Understanding Forebrain Evolution and Development, with Particular Emphasis on the Amygdala. 2011 Medina L, Bupesh M, Abellán A. Review
Multiple telencephalic and extratelencephalic embryonic domains contribute neurons to the medial extended amygdala 2011 Bupesh M, Legaz I, Abellán A, Medina L. Article d'investigació
Genetic and experimental evidence support the continuum of the central extended amygdala and a mutiple embryonic origin of its principal neurons. 2011 Bupesh M, Abellán A, Medina L. Article d'investigació
Subpallial structures 2011 Loreta Medina, Antonio Abellan Capítol de llibre docent
Similarities and differences in the forebrain expression of Lhx1 and Lhx5 between chicken and mouse: Insights for understanding telencephalic development and evolution 2010 Abellán A, Vernier B, Rétaux S, Medina L. Article d'investigació
Differential Expression of LIMHomeodomain Factors in Cajal-Retzius Cells of Primates, Rodents, and Birds 2010 Abellán A, Menuet A, Dehay C, Medina L, Retaux S Article d'investigació
Development and evolution of the pallium 2009 Medina L, Abellán A Article d'investigació
Subdivisions and derivatives of the chicken subpallium based on expression of LIM and other regulatory genes and markers of neuron subpopulations during development. 2009 Abellán A, Medina L Article d'investigació
Olfactory and amygdalar structures of the chicken ventral pallium based on the combinatory expression patterns of LIM and other developmental regulatory genes 2009 Abellán A, Legaz I, Vernier B, Rétaux S, Medina L Article d'investigació
Histogenetic compartments of the mouse centromedial and extended amygdala based on gene expression patterns during development 2008 García-López M, Abellán A, Legaz I, Rubenstein JLR, Puelles L, Medina L Article d'investigació
Expression of cLhx6 and cLhx7/8 suggests a pallido-pedunculo-preoptic origin for the lateral and medial parts of the avian bed nucleus of the stria terminalis 2008 Abellán A, Medina L Article d'investigació