Bachelor's degree Biomedical Sciences



To train professionals and researchers in the health sciences who are able to understand advances made in cellular and molecular biology, apply them to the field of medicine and health and carry our research in this area.

In addition, these professionals will have to complete specific training and acquire a series of skills that will allow them to work on the clinical teams of hospitals, both in the area of research and healthcare, applying new treatments.


The coordination of the University's admissions process is a strategic priority of the Catalan Inter-university Council (CIC), which seeks to ensure that secondary school and mature students are able to access universities through a process that respects the principles of public access, equality, merit and capacity. It likewise seeks to guarantee equal opportunities in the allocation of places to students. University access is regulated by RD 412/2014.

With regard to general undergraduate admission grades, the weighting parameter will be 0.2 for biology, physics, mathematics and chemistry.


  1a assignació 4a assignació
2018 11,760 11,760
2019 11,869 11,792
12,095 10,121
2021 12,324 12,287
12,468 12,186


Admission to the Faculty of Medicine approved by the Governing Council of the University of Lleida 30th June 2015 Admission criteria


Job fields for future degree holders

  • Clinical analysis and pathological anatomy laboratories in hospitals
  • Biomedical industry
  • Universities and institutes
  • Journalism and scientific dissemination
  • Legal, scientific and technical consultancy in the field of biomedicine


Career opportunities

  • Biomedical research
  • Manager of biomedical research
  • Legal, scientific or technical adviser in biomedicine
  • Teacher at universities and institutes


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