Bachelor's degree Biomedical Sciences

Academic calendar

Academic calendar 2022-2023

Academic Calendar 2020-2021


  Academic dates Faculty of Medicine

  September 12  - Reception day for students in 1st year of degrees and double degrees
-  Official start of the 2022-23 Academic Year at the UdL. Beginning of classes in undergraduate and double degrees
September 12 - October 26: Beginning of classes for master's degrees and double master's degrees
 November 11 to 18   First evaluation period Grades (1st semester)
  January 20   End of First Semester classes
 January 27 to February 3   2nd exam period First Semester 1st  course
 February 6  Start classes Second Semester 
 March 24-31  1st evaluation period grades (2nd semester)
 April 28   Cultural days
 May 27   Completion of the Second Semester classes
 May 29 to June 5   2nd exam period (2nd Semester)
  June 26 to 30   Recoveries First  Semester