Bachelor's degree Biomedical Sciences

Academic calendar

Academic calendar 2023-2024



Academic dates Faculty of Medicine

September 12  - Reception day for students in 1st year of degrees and double degrees
-  Official start of the 2023-24 Academic Year at the UdL. Beginning of classes in undergraduate and double degrees
- September 12 - October 9: Beginning of classes for master's degrees, double master's degrees anf doctorates.
 November 10 to 17 First evaluation period Grades (1st semester)
 January 22 to February 2 2nd evaluation period Grades (1st semester)
 February 5 Start classes Second Semester 
 April 2-8 1st evaluation period grades (2nd semester)
 April 26 Cultural day
 May 27 to June 14 2nd evaluation period grades (2nd semester)
June 25 to july 5 Recoveries First and second Semester