Bachelor's degree Biomedical Sciences


Academic profile: Doctorate


Teaching Course Subject
Master's Degree in Biomedical Research 1 CELL COMMUNICATION AND FUNCTION
Master's Degree in Biomedical Research 1 MASTER'S THESIS
Degree in Human Nutrition and Diethetics 1 HUMAN ANATOMY
Degree in Biomedical Sciences 1 HUMAN HISTOLOGY
Degree in Biomedical Sciences 3 FUNDAMENTAL NEUROSCIENCE
Degree in Biomedical Sciences 4 BACHELOR'S THESIS
Degree in Biomedical Sciences 4 INSTRUMENTAL TECHNIQUES II
Degree in Biomedical Sciences 4 PRACTICAL PROJECT
Master's Degree in Biomedical Research FUNDAMENTAL NEUROSCIENCE


Research profile: Neurobiology of rare diseases - Neurobiologia de malalties minoritàries (NEURADIS) Research profile: Estrès cel·lular i supervivència en models eucariotes
Thesis Year Direction
A study on the role of NFkappaB signaling pathway members in regulating Survival Motor Neuron protein level and in the pathogenesis of Spinal Muscula Atrophy 2017 Soler Tatché, Rosa M
Study of Survival Motor Neuron protein regulation and the role of autophagy in Spinal Muscular Atrophy 2015 Rosa M Soler Tatché
Estudio de la función de la vía NF-kappaB en las motoneuronas espinales y su relación con la atrofia muscular espinal 2011 Rosa M Soler Tatché
Estudi de les vies de senyalització implicades en la supervivència de les motoneurones espinals en cultiu 2001 Soler Tatché, Rosa M; Comella Carnicé, Joan X
Publications Year Authors Type
Survival motor neuron protein and neurite degeneration are regulated by Gemin3 in spinal muscular atrophy motoneurons 2022 Miralles, M.P.; Sansa, A.; Beltran, M.; Soler, R.M.; Garcera, A. Article d'investigació
Spinal Muscular Atrophy autophagy profile is tissue-dependent: differential regulation between muscle and motoneurons 2021 Sansa A; Hidalgo I; Miralles MP; de la Fuente S; Perez-Garcia MJ; Munell F; Soler RM; Garcera A Article d'investigació
Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophagy (4th edition) 2021 Klionsky, D.; Canti, C.; Garcera, A.; Herreros, J.; Soler, R.M. Article d'investigació
Intracellular pathways involved in cell survival are deregulated in mouse and human spinal muscular atrophy motoneurons 2021 Sansa, A.; de la Fuente, S.; Comella, J.X.; Garcera, A.; Soler, R.M. Article d'investigació
Calpain system is altered in survival motor neuron-reduced cells from in vitro and in vivo spinal muscular atrophy models 2020 de la Fuente S; Sansa A; Hidalgo I; Vivancos N; Romero-Guevara R; Garcera A; Soler RM Article d'investigació
The Y172 monoclonal antibody against p-c-Jun (Ser63) is a marker of the postsynaptic compartement of c-type cholinergic afferent synapses on motoneurons 2020 Gatius, A.; Tarabal, O.; Cayuela, P.; Casanovas, A.; Piedrafita, L.; Salvany, S.; Hernandez, S.; Soler, R.M.; Esquerda, J.E.; Caldero, J. Article d'investigació
Calpain inhibition increases SMN protein in spinal cord motoneurons and ameliorates the spinal muscular atrophy phenotype 2019 de la Fuente S; Sansa A; Periyakaruppiah A; Garcera A; Soler RM Article d'investigació
Sp1-regulated expression of p11 contributes to motor neuron degeneration by membrane insertion of TASK1 2019 García-Morales V; Rodríguez-Bey G; Gómez-Pérez L; Domínguez-Vías G; González-Forero D; Portillo F; Campos-Caro A; Gento-Caro A; Issaoui N; Soler RM; Garcerá A; Moreno-Lopez B Article d'investigació
Isolation, establishment and characterization of a primary culture of embryonic mouse motoneurons 2019 Garcera A; Gou-Fabregas M; Soler RM Capítol de llibre d'investigació
Evolución previsible en el número de profesores permanentes de Medicina del 2017 al 2026. La formación de los futuros médicos en situación crítica. 2018 JP Lara; Conferencia de Decanos de Fcultades de Medicina de España Article docent
Regulation of survival motor neuron protein by the nuclear factor-kappa B pathway in mouse spinal cord motoneurons 2018 Arumugam S, Mincheva-Tasheva S, Periyakaruppiah A, de la Fuente S, Soler RM, Garcera A. Article d'investigació
Inhibition of autophagy delays motoneuron degeneration and extends lifespan in a mouse model of spinal muscular atrophy 2017 Piras A, Schiaffino L, Boido M, Valsecchi V, Guglielmotto M, De Amicis E, Puyal J, Garcera A, Tamagno E, Soler RM, Vercelli A. Article d'investigació
Smn-deficiency increases the intrinsic excitability of motoneurons 2017 Arumugam S; Garcera A; Soler RM; Tabares L Article d'investigació
Autophagy modulators regulate survival motor neuron protein stability in motoneurons 2016 Periyakaruppiah A, de la Fuente S, Arumugam S, Bahí B, Garcera A, Soler RM. Article d'investigació
Calpain activation and CaMKIV reduction in spinal cords from hSODG93A mouse model 2014 Gou-Fabregas M; Ramirez-Nuñez O; Cacabelos D; Bahi N; Portero M; Garcera A; Soler RM Article d'investigació
Notch Signaling Pathway Is Activated in Motoneurons of Spinal Muscular Atrophy 2013 Caraballo-Miralles V, Cardona-Rossinyol A, Garcera A, Torres-Benito L, Soler RM, Tabares L, Lladó J, Olmos G. Article d'investigació
Survival motor neuron protein reduction deregulates autophagy in spinal cord motoneurons in vitro 2013 Garcera A, Bahi N, Periyakaruppiah A, Arumugam S, Soler RM. Article d'investigació
NF-kappa B Signaling Pathways: Role in Nervous System Physiology and Pathology 2013 Mincheva-Tasheva S, Soler RM. Article d'investigació
SMN deficiency attenuates migration of U87MG astroglioma cells through the activation of RhoA 2012 Caraballo-Miralles V, Cardona-Rossinyol A, Garcera A, Villalonga P, Soler RM, Olmos G, Lladó J. Article d'investigació
A new model to study spinal muscular atrophy: neurite degeneration and cell death is counteracted by Bcl-xL overexpression in motoneurons 2011 Garcera A, Mincheva S, Gou-Fabregas M, Caraballo-Miralles V, Lladó J, Comella JX, Soler RM. Article d'investigació
The canonical nuclear factor-kappaB Pathway regulates cell survival in a developmental model of spinal cord motoneurons 2011 Mincheva S; Garcera A; Gou-Fabregas M; Encinas M; Dolcet X; Soler RM. Article d'investigació
Estrategias neuroprotectoras que implican a los factores neurotróficos, sus receptores y los mecanismos de señalización intracelular 2010 RM Soler Capítol de llibre docent
The death receptor antagonist FLIP-L interacts with Trk and is necessary for neurite outgrowth induced by neurotrophins 2010 Moubarak RS, Solé C, Pascual M, Gutierrez H, Llovera M, Pérez-García MJ, Gozzelino R, Segura MF, Iglesias-Guimarais V, Reix S, Soler RM, Davies AM, Soriano E, Yuste VJ, Comella JX. Article d'investigació
Specific vulnerability of mouse spinal cord motoneurons to membrane depolarization 2009 Gou-Fabregas M, Garcera A, Mincheva S, Perez-Garcia MJ, Comella JX, Soler RM. Article d'investigació
Tumor necrosis factor alpha and interferon gamma cooperatively induce oxidative stress and motoneuron death in rat spinal cord embryonic explants 2009 Mir M, Asensio VJ, Tolosa L, Gou-Fabregas M, Soler RM, Lladó J, Olmos G. Article d'investigació
Neuroprotection by neurotrophic factors and membrane depolarization is regulated by calmodulin kinase IV 2008 Pérez-García MJ, Gou-Fabregas M, de Pablo Y, Llovera M, Comella JX, Soler RM. Article d'investigació
Tyr-701 is a new regulatory site for neurotrophin receptor TrkA trafficking and function 2008 de Pablo Y, Pérez-García MJ , Georgieva MV, Sanchis D, Lindqvist N, Soler RM, Comella JX, Llovera M. Article d'investigació
Pyruvate protects cerebellar granular cells from 6-hydroxydopamine-induced cytotoxicity by activating the Akt signaling pathway and increasing glutathione peroxidase expression. 2006 Fernandez-Gomez FJ, Pastor MD, Garcia-Martinez EM, Melero-Fernandez de Mera R, Gou-Fabregas M, Gomez-Lazaro M, Calvo S, Soler RM, Galindo MF, Jordan J. Article d'investigació
Glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor increases intracellular calcium concentration: role of calcium/calmodulin in the activation of the phosphatidyl inositol 3-kinase pathway 2004 Pérez-García MJ, Ceña V, de Pablo Y, Llovera M, Comella JX, Soler RM. Article d'investigació
Neuronal survival induced by neurotrophins requires calmodulin 2001 Egea J, Espinet C, Soler RM, Dolcet X, Yuste VJ, Encinas M, Iglesias M, Rocamora N, Comella JX. Article d'investigació
Cytokines promote motoneuron survival through the Janus kinase-dependent activation of the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase pathway 2001 Dolcet X, Soler RM, Gould TW, Egea J, Oppenheim RW, Comella JX. Article d'investigació
Nerve growth factor activation of the extracellular signal-regulated kinase pathway is modulated by Ca2+ and calmodulin 2000 Egea J, Espinet C, Soler RM, Peiro S, Rocamora N, Comella JX. Article d'investigació
Ca2+ and calmodulin regulate neuronal survival trought the modulation of the intracellular signaling pathways activated by receptors for neurotrophic factors 2000 Comella JX, Egea J, Soler RM, Dolcet X, Espinet C. Article d'investigació
Receptors of the glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor family of neurotrophic factors signal cell survival through the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase pathway in spinal cord motoneurons 1999 Soler RM, Dolcet X, Encinas M, Egea J, Bayascas JR, Comella JX. Article d'investigació
Activation of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase, but not extracellular-regulated kinases, is necessary to mediate brain-derived neurotrophic factor-induced motoneuron survival 1999 Dolcet X*, Egea J*, Soler R, Martin-Zanca D, Comella JX. Article d'investigació
Point mutation in trkB causes loss of NT4-dependent neurons without major effects on diverse BDNF responses 1998 Minichiello L, Casagranda F, Soler Tatché R, Stucky CL, Postigo A, Lewin GR, Davies AM, Klein R. Article d'investigació
Calmodulin Is Involved in Membrane Depolarization-Mediated Survival of Motoneurons by Phosphatidylinositol-3 Kinase- and MAPK-Independent Pathways 1998 Soler RM, Egea J, Mintenig GM, Sanz C, Iglesias M, Comella JX. Article d'investigació
Development of survival responsiveness to BDNF, NT3, NT4/5, but not to NGF, in cultured motoneurons from chick embryo spinal cord 1998 Becker E, Soler RM, Yuste VJ, Giné E, Sanz-Rodriguez C, Egea J, Martin-Zanca D, Comella JX. Article d'investigació
Apoptosis y cáncer. 1996 Comella JX, Boix J, Soler RM, Iglesias M, Llecha N, Egea J. Capítol de llibre d'investigació
The carbohydrate N-acetylglucosamine is involved in the guidance of neurites from chick ciliary ganglion neurons through the extracellular matrix of rat skeletal muscle fiber 1996 Iglesias M, Soler RM, Ribera J, Esquerda JE, Comella JX. Article d'investigació
Cultivo de neuronas colinérgicas y su aplicación al estudio de las interacciones tróficas en el sistema neuromuscular. 1995 Comella JX, Soler RM, Iglesias M, Sanz-Rodriguez C, Esquerda JE Capítol de llibre d'investigació
S-laminin and N-acetylgalactosamine located at the synaptic basal lamina of skeletal muscle are involved in synaptic recognition by growing neurites 1995 Iglesias M, Soler RM, Hunter DD, Ribera J, Esquerda JE, Comella JX. Article d'investigació
Clinical status of motoneuron disease does not correlate with serum neurotoxicity on cultured neurons 1992 Martí-Fábregues J, Soler RM, Esquerda J, Grau JM, Pradas J, Illa I. Article d'investigació